By Tirthankar Roychowdhary Sir

Starts from 18th Oct


Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude commonly known as General studies paper IV is one of the high scoring subjects for UPSC Mains examination. Experts say- If a UPSC aspirant wants to crack the exam with a top rank, He or she should work hard on GS Paper IV.

EDEN IAS presents Ethics course for UPSC under the guidance of Mr. Tirthankar Roychowdhary. He is very loved by his students for his teaching approach, content and his notes for ethics. He covers every nook and corner of the ethics syllabus for UPSC and the study materials are divided as per the demands of the ethics syllabus in 4 parts – A book on Theoretical portion, A special booklet on the Thinkers and Thoughts portion, A workbook on ethics case studies and A glossary of ethics terminology.

The major idea of the course is to cover the syllabus and prepare the aspirant to use every portion of the syllabus effectively in the answer writing. The application of topics taught in the class are well prepared through daily class-based questions for answer writing, provided after every class session.

Tirthankar Roychowdhary Sir is known as the best teacher for ethics because of his personalized guidance and hand holding approach for students. He keeps the class delivery balanced and makes the concept easy to understand, also helps to develop an applicative thought process for case studies writing.


The course has a comprehensive approach to cover the entire ethics syllabus for UPSC through Theory Classes, Case Studies session, daily answer writing, class notes, study material, sectional - mock Tests with proper guidance and mentorship.

The entire course has a connecting approach for classes and test series – which starts with the most basic level keeping every aspirant’s comfort in mind. After the coverage of theoretical portion (Ethics syllabus) the aspirant will appear for two sectional tests and the session will again resume with the applicative part (case studies), after covering 100 case studies there will be a special test on case studies. The course will be concluded by a mock test for entire ethics syllabus on the UPSC pattern.

The special section on Ethics case studies covers 100 cases related to current scenarios and also to conclude various thoughts related to the thinkers in Ethics (GS Paper IV). There is a special test on case studies and a practice workbook available with this course. Daily based questions on classroom-based syllabus coverage for regular practice that makes you ready to write an ethics answer or to know how to write a case study in ethics.

There is a section on previous years questions discussion and personalized guidance and mentoring sessions.


The brief idea of the syllabus to be covered under ethics syllabus is as follows –

Basic Concepts of Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude

Moral Thinkers and Thoughts in ethics

Meta – Ethics, Normative Ethics and Descriptive Ethics

Applied Ethics

Ethics in Civil Services

Ethics in Governance

Corporate Ethics

Personal and Professional Ethics

Case Studies

(Check the EDEN IAS Study material Book index for sub topic wise syllabus details)



Q. Define Ethics.

Ethics is a set of moral standards that a society or organization places over itself, in the light of which human actions, motives and behaviors are judged.

Q. Define Code of Ethics.

Code of Ethics refers to a guide of principles designed to provide a moral framework that assists professionals in understanding the difference between right and wrong and in applying that understanding to decision making.

Q. Define Values.

Values are the core ideas and beliefs that guide our choices and actions. Ethics and Values help in creating a just and fair society.

Q. How to score good marks (150+ Marks) in Ethics - GS 4 Paper?

The most important thing to be done to score good marks in GS 4 is to stop treating the subject as a tough subject. Ethics is a subject to be understood rather then to be mugged up. You should have your concepts and definitions as clear as a crystal. At the same time, you should be able to develop a connectivity of these concepts with the issues around you – be it current or conventional.

You need a good presentation skill while you write your answer. And it is also very important to present your answer in the most simplified way with a good use of thinkers and their thoughts.  Last but not least – Try to cover every nook and corner of the ethics syllabus.

Q. What are the best ethics books for UPSC?

We at EDEN IAS, provide a set of 4 booklets for ethics…

Theoretical Framework on Ethics - This book is written by Tirthankar Roychowdhary Sir, which covers the entire ethics syllabus with well defined examples and pictorial presentations to quote the examples related to the concepts. This book can be replaced with a few well-known books for ethics like – Lexicon, Subba Rao etc… As this book has almost all possible ingredients from the standard sources to be followed for ethics.

70 Thinkers & Thoughts of Ethics - This book is also compiled by Tirthankar Roychowdhary Sir to cover most of the National and International thinkers with their thoughts, which aspirants can use in their answers to beautify their answer and back their answer with good quotes and examples.

Case Studies Practice Workbook on EthicsThis book is a compilation of 100 Case Studies as a practice set, in which an aspirant can practice case study writing.

A to Z – Ethics Glossary (Terminology)This is a special material provided by Tirthankar Roychowdhary Sir and his Team to cover all the Ethics related terminologies for a quick revision before the UPSC Mains examination.

Ethics Notes for UPSC by Tirthankar SirTirthankar Sir is known for providing the best notes in his class making every point clear and well – arranged.

All these 4 booklets are more than enough to simplify a subject like ethics in a best possible manner. And help you to practice ethics case studies and answers for UPSC Mains exam.