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Course Overview

EDEN IAS presents the best History Optional Test Series under the guidance of Desh Deepak Sir. Our History faculty Desh Deepak studied History from JNU, New Delhi and has years of teaching experience in the concerned field and has an excellent grasp over the discipline of History with a nuanced approach.

His teaching approach is envisioned to provide a focused, comprehensive and outcome-based program tuned to the requirements of the Civil Service Mains History Optional examination. The objective of the History Optional course is to strengthen conceptual and analytical grasp over the subject as well as important nuances of answer writing more importantly through the use of flowcharts, diagrams and maps as important teaching aids.

The courses range in time and space and across themes as per the syllabus in the most scientific and modular pattern. The target of our various courses is to enhance the scoring potential of the students and put them comfortably in 320-340 zone of marking.

The History Optional Program offers students access to cutting edge understanding organized in a pedagogical form that is accessible and interesting in the most comprehensive and time-bound manner. A detailed monitoring is ensured through evaluation of answers in a time bound manner.

We ensure a smooth teacher-student interface facilitated by modern techniques and modes of communication that seeks to ensure 24*7 availability along with regular doubt clearing sessions.

Course Structure

The History Optional Course comprises of total 12 Tests, details are as follows…

1. Test division – 8 Sectional + 4 Mock Tests.

2. Detailed model answers for the sectional tests.

3. Detailed test discussions.

4. One to one interaction and guidance from the faculty. (12*7)

5. History previous year papers analysis.

This course is available in both Online & Offline* Modes.