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Mission Main is a one stop solution for UPSC Mains exam preparation after giving the Prelims examination. This course is launched every year after the commencement of UPSC Prelims exam. The aspirants get approx. 3 months of time gap after to get ready for the IAS Mains exam preparation. This period of 90 days should be organized and utilized in a very strategic manner to get the best yield.

This course covers the preparation of General Studies paper I, II, III, IV, Essay Writing. The programs are on the base of – Complete coverage of Ethics (GS 4) through classes, Case Studies practice session in class, Essay writing guiding classes, Essay mock tests, Sectional & Mock Tests for GS I, II, III, IV.

It is to bring to your notice that we are covering the syllabus of GS I, II, III through a lot of question practice under the test series courses. Due to time constraints, it is better to revise these papers through tests, also you have studied a lot on these subjects during your prelims preparation.


Ethics Classes + Essay Classes & Mock Tests +GS Sectional & Mock Test Series

  • 25 Theoretical Classes – Ethics Syllabus
  • 10 Classes for Case Studies
  • 03 Essay Guiding Classes + 04 Essay Mock Tests
  • 20 Sectional + 08 GS Mock Tests
  • 2 Special Tests on Current Affairs Editorial.
  • Study Material


Mission Mains has a planned strategy to make you ready for UPSC Mains in 3 Months. The major focus is on the marks scoring areas like Ethics, Essay and GS through test series covering both static and current affairs.

It has been observed that most of the aspirants find themselves ready with those overlapping areas of general studies which comes in both Prelims and Mains, but they find themselves less confident about areas like Ethics, Essay and Answer Writing. In fact, the current affairs portion can also be tackled as they cover a lot of current affairs before the Prelims exams. The course strategy is as follows…

Before you start reading the strategy – Keep in mind that you have 3 months in hand to cover the entire General Studies, Optional Subject, Current Affairs, to do answer writing practice with proper presentation and time management, and finally to attempt Mock tests before your UPSC Mains examination the last and most important – “Get your brain ready for the Exam.”

  1. GS Paper I, II, III Preparation – You have just given your UPSC Prelims so you should be confident about subjects like – History (Modern + Art & Culture), Polity, Economy, Geography, Environment & Ecology, Science and Technology or somehow for your Current affairs also. We have a well-planned Test Series with Model Answers to help you revise these areas through test series.

Now, it is your time to focus on subjects like – World History, PII, Society, Governance, Social Justice, IR, Agriculture, IS + DM, on which you have invested comparatively lesser in recent period of time.

The questions are framed as per the pattern of the UPSC Exam and by analyzing the questions asked in previous years by UPSC.


  1. GS Paper IV Preparation Ethics Integrity and Aptitude (GS 4) is one of the most scoring subjects and by knowing this fact – All your competitors are working very hard for this subject. So, in that case you should also work hard on GS 4 – Harsh but True – or else you are already out of the competition. We have prepared a complete niche for ethics preparation in which you can feel comfortable even if you know nothing about the subject. The mentor Tirthankar Roychowdhary Sir claims to cover almost 100% of the ethics syllabus in his class.


  1. Essay Preparation Essay writing needs a lot of your attention for which we are arranging for an array of essay writing practice sessions with proper guiding classes, evaluation and mentorship.


  1.  Evaluation Parameters – The answer sheets are been evaluated on these parameters…
  • The content you write in your answer is relevant to the question asked in the paper or your understanding of the question.
  • The presentation part of your answer is up to the mark or not.
  • The facts, data, logics incorporated in your answers.
  • If you follow any unique trait in your answer.
  • Strict marking as per the UPSC standards.  (We do not appease you with grace marks, neither do we believe in demining your confidence, rather we believe in mentoring you with a strict marking so that we can make you strong for the examination. Always remember – “Sweat more in practice, Bleed less in war”


  1.  Study Material - We have compiled a set of revision material for the entire static portion of GS I, II, III, IV, as most of the aspirants may follow various sources for current affairs but the static portion should be limited and should be easy to be digested during this short period of time. The study material in hard copy is chargeable. The soft copy can be availed for free with this course. 


  1. Test Strategy – We will have an intensive practice session through test series for 75 Days consisting of a total of 22 Mock Tests (Including 2 Special Current Affairs Tests). The program is divided into two levels – Practice & Advance Level..


  • Practice Level – This level is of 65 days duration (16th October 2021 – 20th Dec 2021) consisting of 10 mock tests (2 sets of Revision Mock Tests per each paper) and the basic objective of this level is to cover the entire mains syllabus through GS paper wise mock tests, to inculcate the habit of answer writing for UPSC mains examination.
  • Advance Level – This level is of 10 days duration (21th December 2021 – 30th December 2021) consisting of 12 mock tests (2 sets of Marathon Mock Tests) for final phase revision, to inculcate the habit of effective time management practice in the UPSC mains examination.

This course is designed by keeping the in general demand and needs of the aspirants after research by our team to cover the demand of aspirants heading for the UPSC Mains examination. Hope this set of Ethics Classes for UPSC Mains, Essay writing Course for UPSC Mains, GS Mock Test series can help you to achieve your goal.