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Starts from 15th Jan


EDEN IAS MISSION PRELIMS 2021 is a crash course and it is known for its revision methods. The results records of the Mission Prelims course are well – known among students. The aspirants who need effective revision for UPSC Prelims 2021 examination or those who have faced issues in covering the syllabus through their self-study or the foundation courses, they have joined in any of the coaching institutes, this revision batch is a boon to them. It is proven as the most reliable & best course for IAS Prelims 2021 Examination.

The aspirants will be revising every nook and corner of the syllabus through the subject wise classes of EDEN IAS Mission Prelims Course.

There are many aspirants, who find themselves very comfortable with the syllabus but when they reach January (5 or 6 months prior to the Prelims examination), most of them face the issue in reviaion. This course is a tool to revise the syllabus before time so that the confidance level can be boosted, which helps to release the psychological pressure before the examination and the aspirants performs well. 


The course covers the static portions along with their current affairs of the subject related to prelims-

1. Indian Polity & Constitution.

2. Geography.

3. Environment & Ecology.

4. Economy.

5. History (Ancient + Medieval + Modern + Art & Culture)

6. Science & Technology.

7. Map Marking + Budget & Survey.


The faculties are going to cover all the subject areas one by one, keeping the crux of the syllabus, previous year’s question trends, frequent topics related to current scenarios of past two years, in mind...

Apart from it the there will be special classes on current affairs along with budget, survey, reports, committees..

We are providing under the course……

CLASSES- Complete coverage of GS & CSAT syllabus in form of revision classes. The number of classes are divided as per the need of the particular subject. Viz.

1. Geography – (15 Classes)

2. Environment & Ecology – (10 Classes)

3. Polity – (15 Classes)

4. Economy – (10 Classes)

5. Ancien & Medieval History – (8 Classes)

6. Art & Culture – (7 Classes)

7. Science & Technology – (7 Classes)

8. Current based Mapping – (3 Classes)

9. Budget- Survey & Economic development – (7 Classes)

10. CSAT – (10 Classes)

TESTS – After completion of every subject section, a test will be conducted, based on the revision classes, consisting of 100 question. And 8 Mock Test. 

Total number of tests – 11 Tests (1100 questions) (Geography, Environment & Eco, Polity, Economy, Ancient History, Medieval History, Modern History, Art & Culture, Science & Tech, Mapping, Budget & Survey.)

Total 8 Mock Tests (720 question)

RESOURCES – EDEN IAS research team is coming up with the best possible resources for……

1. Crisp Notes for General studies static syllabus.

2. Crisp Notes for Current affairs issues (2 years)

3. Special notes on listings like- Committees, Reports, Indexes, organizations etc.…

4. The pictographic notes – as memory boosting notes.

5. Current affairs wise mapping notes.

6. Crisp Notes on Budget & Survey.

PERSONALISED MENTORING – We provide personalized mentoring sessions with faculties, so that aspirants can clear their doubts personally. And aspirants can develop a SELF-STUDY PLAN to follow back at their places apart from class-based preparation.

PREP – TALKWe arrange for a special mentoring session with faculties before heading for examination. Which is a brush-up session for the aspirants. This session helps aspirants for Time management, Methods, Technique, Do’s & Don’ts on 27th June 2021.