Syllabus Section: Environment and Ecology

Why in News?

On December 15, PM will lay the foundation stone for 30.000MW hybrid renewable energy park close to the Indo-Pak border in Kutch district.

About hybrid renewable energy park

• The hybrid energy park project is one of the select projects of national importance that the PM reviews at his monthly PRAGATI (Pro-Active Governance and Timely Implementation) system.

• The renewable energy park will have two zones, one , a 49,600 hectare hybrid park zone that will accommodate wind and solar power plants of 24,800 MW capacity and two, an exclusive wind park zone spread over 23,000hectares.

• This site has been chosen because this is a complete wasteland. It will be located between Khavda village and Vighakot. This park zone will be located 6 km from the border.

 Windmills near the border will also act as a boundary.

• The state government has allocated land too six developers.

 Adani Green Energy Ltd (19.000 ha)

 Sarjan Realities Ltd (9,500 ha)

 NTPC Ltd (9,500 ha)

 Gujrat Industries Power Company Ltd(4,750 ha)

 Gujrat State Electricity Corporation (6,650 ha)

• The entire 23,000 ha at the exclusive wind zone park has been allotted to Solar Energy Corporation of India to set up wind projects .

Significance :

• India’s installed capacity of renewable energy is 88,793.43 MW and the country has a target of 175,000 MW of renewable power by 2022. It will help in achieving the target.

• The renewable energy park project is expected to attract investment of about Rs. 1.35 trillion and that the prime minister had given 2022 as the deadline for its completion.


Source: Indian Express