Why in News?
Recently, India and China announced that both have agreed to establish a Hotline.


• New Delhi and Beijing announced that both have agreed to establish a hotline — “for timely communication and exchange of views”.
o Hotline is a direct telephone line in constant operational readiness so as to facilitate immediate communication

India’s View:
• MEA made it clear that disengagement, followed by de-escalation, will lead to peace along the Line of Actual Control (LAC), and eventually normalization of ties.
o Reiterated the ‘three mutuals’ (mutual respect, mutual sensitivity and mutual interests) as the approach to the relationship.

China’s View:
• The boundary situation should not be placed at the front and centre of the relationship, but instead at a “proper place” in overall ties.
• The indication two sides should return to business as usual while the issue is dealt with.

Way Forward:
• As two big emerging economies, China and India need to pursue development alongside each other, move forward in partnership instead of a hindrance, and work together for shared progress rather than erecting walls against each other.
• The two sides need to commit to the strategic consensus reached between their leaders, stay on the right path toward mutual trust and cooperation between big neighbors, and never take the wrong path of mutual misgivings and suspicion, still less the path of retrogression.

Source: Indian Express