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Why in News?
The task force on Interlinking of Rivers (ILR) has agreed and approved the preparation of final detailed project report (DPR) on the proposed Mahandi (Barmul)-Godavari (Dowlaiswaram) link by ensuring utilisation of the allocated Godavari waters by Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, en route the link canal of the project.

Key highlights:
• The decision, considered a major foot forward on the interlinking of rivers involving the two Telugu States.
• The meeting discussed mainly three proposals put forward by the task force chairman based on the draft DPR prepared on the diversion of water from Godavari basin to Cauvery basin.
• The proposals were based on draft detailed project report that was prepared with respect to the diversion of water from Godavari basin to Cauvery basin.
• The task force also emphasised on the several priority links under the interlinking of rivers programme by the central government.
• The draft detailed project report was prepared on Godavari-Cauvery link the National Water Development Authority (NWDA).

National Water Development Agency (NWDA)
• It is a Registered Society working under the Ministry of Irrigation which is now called as Ministry of Water Resources. 
• The agency was set up in 1982. 
• The agency is involved in carrying out the detailed studies, surveys and investigations with respect to the Peninsular Component of National Perspective for the Water Resources Development. 
• Later its function was modified to include the Himalayan Component of National Perspective for Water Resources Development in the year 1994.  
• The composition of Society and Governing Body was also modified in the year 2003 & 2004 respectively. 
• The NWDA was authorised to explore the feasibility of linking sub-basins of rivers in States such as Bihar in the year 2006. 
• It then worked for preparation of Detailed Project Report of Ken-Betwa river link in accordance with the priority links under Peninsular Component of National Perspective Plan.

Source: The Hindu