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Starts from 25th Jan


How the Course “TARGET PRELIMS 2021 – SPECIAL 50” works?

This course is an initiative, designed by keeping in mind the growing competitive nature of the UPSC - Civil Services Examination and to develop a spirit of healthy competition amongst UPSC aspirants.

The course is planned to guide the aspirants and make them aware of the “vitals and to be followed” rules, which every UPSC aspirant should follow before appearing for the UPSC / IAS Prelims 2021.

The border aspects of the course are as follows:

1. The selection of the aspirants, to be enrolled under this course will be through an Entrance Examination. (To be conducted on - 3rd January) – (First 500 students on the basis of cut-off marks in the entrance test will be selected under the special group, wherein they will be groomed and prepared for the Prelims 2021. This will also ensure that the students enter the Pre -Mode of preparation right from January

2. The top 500 students will have to pay an amount of 4000/- for admission in the course. And those who fall short of the cut-off in the entrance, will have to pay 5500/- for the same course.


3.The course covers…

•  Subject-wise sectional tests – 65 Tests (50 questions / test)

•  Subject wise revision tests – 18 Tests (100 questions/ test)

•  Current affairs-based tests – 9 Tests (100 questions/test)

•  Special Tests – 4 Tests. (on Budget & Survey, Mapping, Schemes & Progs.) (100 ques/test)

•  8 Mock Tests (GS + CSAT)

•  Study Material (GS Compilation + Current Supplements)

•  There will also be two Subjective Questions which would be given with every subject-wise sectional test and drawn from the same syllabus. [65 x 2 =130 subjective questions]


4. The Course flow…

•  The complete Prelims syllabus is divided in 65 Subject wise sectional tests for all the 9 subject areas of UPSC Prelims (i.e. Indian polity, Geography, Economy, Ancient, Medieval, Modern History, Art & Culture, Science & Tech and General sciences, Environment & Ecology).

• The syllabus flow is – one subject at a time and after the completion of its sectional tests, there will be 2 Revision tests for that subject.

• There will be Month based Current affairs revision tests covering the past two years current affairs

• There will be some special tests based on prelims relevant facts, Schemes, Programs, Policies, Union Budget, Economic Survey and Maps.

• At the end of this course, there will be Comprehensive Mock tests on GS and CSAT for making the aspirant exam-ready.


Course Summary

1) Start early and revise your syllabus time and again before approaching IAS Prelims 2021.

2) Pay proper attention to every topic & sub topics of the IAS Prelims syllabus.

3) Check your preparation through Rank and feedback after every test.

4) Cover the syllabus through – small chunks of the syllabus and strengthen both the approaches (Objective & Subjective).

5) Revise current affairs of the past 2 Years.

6) GS compilations are prepared by keeping the previous years questions asked in UPSC prelims examinations and subject concepts in mind. (Because UPSC often repeats its questions and basic concepts)


Course Suggestions

1. The Entrance test of this course gives you the idea of your preparedness for the prelims related subjects, if you feel unconfident about any Subject (i.e. Geography, Indian Polity, Economy, History, Current affairs… etc.) – You can join any or all modules from the interlinked course MISSION PRELIMS 2021, which is a class-based revision module helps you to cover the complete syllabus in a very short period of time. And holds a very good record of selections in previous years of Prelims Examination.

2. The aspirant can talk to the management and counsellors to help them to choose the course as per the need. And also, can go for a package.

3. Watch the course description videos on YouTube and also find previous year’s class videos for a better idea of the course.