Wi-Fi 7


Why in the news Wi-Fi 7?

Qualcomm, a US-based corporation, recently recommended India to implement the most recent Wi-Fi 7 technology.

What is Wi-Fi 7?

  • Wireless fidelity, or Wi-Fi, is a wireless technology that enables internet connectivity and inter-device communication.
  • For high-speed wireless internet and network connectivity, it employs radio waves.
  • Three mediums requires to broadcast a Wi-Fi signal: base stations, routers, and accessing devices (such as phones, laptops, etc.).
  • The newest Wi-Fi standard, Wi-Fi , is built on IEEE 802.11be, which stands for exceptionally high throughput (EHT).
  • The biggest technical professional association in the world, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is commits to developing technology for the good of humanity.

Wi-Fi 7

Key Features of Wi-Fi 7:

  • Backward Compatibility: Allows devices in the 2.4GHz, 5GHz, and 6GHz bands to connect without the need for additional hardware.
  • It will combine several frequencies from the available spectrum to offer a solution rather than being restricted to just one.
  • Reduced Latency: Makes cloud-based activities like gaming and file transfers speedier.
  • Multi-Link Operation (MLO): Enhances network performance by combining numerous channels on various frequencies.

Wi-Fi 7

  • Wi-Fi 7 has the potential to provide up to 330 gigabits per second of data per access point in terms of speed and capacity. Four times as fast as Wi-Fi 6’s top speed.

Wi-Fi 7

Benefits of Wi-Fi 7:

  • Alignment with India’s Tech Adoption: Wi-Fi makes it possible for the country to quickly adopt wireless and cloud-based apps, as well as government digital security and privacy efforts.
  • Positive Changes in India: Enterprise digital transformation, smartphone technology, fixed wireless connection, and artificial intelligence (AI), particularly Edge AI, have all significant promise.
  • Meeting the needs of developing technologies: Wi-Fi may be able to handle the increasing number of wearables, smart home appliances, and industrial IoT applications.
  • Telesurgery and telediagnostics in the medical field.
  • Improving User Experiences with Advanced Applications: Wi-Fi makes it easier to stream media with greater resolutions, such 8K movies.
  • Boost efficiency in AR/VR, cloud gaming, and other data-intensive tasks.
  • Management of shipping and logistics.



Wi-Fi 7 is the next big thing in wireless connectivity and is currently under development and testing phase.

Source: Qualcomm, Intel.